2017 is almost done. Learn how to make something people want for 2018.

Can you believe 2017 is 86% complete? Where did the time go!?!

Right now, I’m running an early Black Friday special on Marketing for Developers, a course that teaches programmers how to launch successfully. You can get it now: $299 $149

I asked Nick why he upgraded to the course from the book. He said:

“In 2018 I want to finally launch a successful product. I have spent waaaay too long procrastinating. It is time for action!​”

Learn how to build something people want and get your first 100 customers.

Karl rated it 👍, saying:

“It helped me realize that I was spending way too much time building and not enough time marketing. This is a must-get if you want to start earning income from your side projects.​”

Get it now for $149 ➡️

What’s included:

  • 22 27 video lessons on everything from building an audience to running Facebook ads
  • A copy of the 5-star rated Marketing for Developers book
  • 13 interview videos with experienced founders like Des Traynor, Josh Pigford, Tracy Osborn, Nathan Barry, Ryan Hoover, and Brennan Dunn
  • Interactive workbooks: write down your notes, save them, export them as PDF
  • 18 downloads and bonuses: the Product Hunt Handbook, competitor survey questions (PDF), launch checklist, and more!

Get the whole bundle: 📗 + 📺 + 📑 + 📈

Who is this for?

I created M4Devs specifically for programmers in these three stages:

  1. “I want to build a product, but haven’t found an idea.”
  2. “I’m building a product, but haven’t yet launched.”
  3. “I’ve launched, and I’m looking for my first 100 customers.”

Get it now for $149 ⚡️

If you have questions, feel free to reply to this email. I just might not be able to reply for a little while. 😁

Justin Jackson

PS: looking for community of indie devs launching their own products? I’ve just opened registration for Product People Club. You can join here.

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